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Kalumi SIA, forgings

Kalumi SIA, forgings

Kalna kalēji , Vidriži, Vidrižu pagasts, Limbažu novads, Latvija
(+371) 29462999 - Kalējs Kaspars Auza
SIA KALUMI Owner and blacksmith: Kaspars Auza Education: special – metal cutting 1989 – Folk craftsman 1992 – Certified blacksmith (iron) and coppersmith (nonferrous metals) of the Latvian Chamber of Crafts Worked in Sweden and Norway. In Latvia – exhibitions and public space. Projects in Latvia Created metal design together with architects and designers for Latvia's most popular folk-style restaurants in Latvia LIDO, Vērmanītis, Staburags, Slāvu Restorāns and medieval restaurants Rozengrāls and Black Balsam. Projects in Norway In cooperation with log house maker EKLA export to Buskerud, Telemak, Hedmark and Sandnessjøen. Partners: architects, designers, interior designers, fireplace makers, producers and exporters of log and wooden buildings, landscape designers. Blacksmith and forging works for private residences, furniture makers; fireplace accessories, staircase banisters, flag holders, door hinges, door knockers, metal lighting fixtures, chandeliers, weathervanes, garden grills, portable gills, etc. Restoration works on old buildings, castles and manors – gates, hinges, handles, chandeliers, window fittings, fireplace fittings. The company uses real fire preserving old craftsmanship techniques, which gives many possibilities in restoration and modern design working together with architects and designers.
OffersProducts, services, keywordsForging Presents more detailsKalējlietu muzejs more details   Ekskursijas pie kalēja    Excursions with activities    Iespēja pašam nokalt naglu Entertainments for the new couple    Pārbaudījumi līgavai un līgavainim pie kalēja more details   Laimes pakava nokalšana    Kāzu atrakcijas Forgings more details   Accessories for fireplace more details      Accessories for fire places more details      Fireguards more details   Carvings more details      Hinges more details      Hinges for gates more details      Hinges for windows more details      Decorative fittings for windows more details      Hinges for doors more details      Door settings more details      Door handles with and without mechanism more details      Keys more details      Keys for doors more details      Keys for gates       Keys for chests       Key restauratio       Gates more details   Making woodworking instruments       Kettles, spoke-shaves, special instruments       Axe       Decorative fittings more details   Forgings for interior more details      Interior elements more details      Apkaltas un apgleznotas pūra lādes more details      Design elements more details      Decorative fittings for beams, columns more details      Decorative fittings for chests       Weather-vanes more details      Flag holders more details      Adverstisement boards more details      Door bells more details      Forgings for cookers       Interior more details         Beds more details         Tables, benches, chairs, rockers more details         Garden furniture more details      Racks more details         Rack stands more details         Racks at the wall more details      Curtain nippers more details      Handrail more details      Balcony railings more details      French balconies more details      Lighting equipment more details         Lights for inetrior more details         Lights at the wal          Lights at the ceilin more details         Candle-sticks more details   Forgings for cemetary more details   Memorial signs more detailsMetal working Blacksmiths    Demonstarions of medieval smith crafts more details   Hammered work restauration

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