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Kalumi SIA, forgings

Kalumi SIA, forgings

Kalna kalēji , Vidriži, Vidrižu pagasts, Limbažu novads, Latvija
(+371) 29462999 - Kalējs Kaspars Auza

Ekskursijas pie kalēja

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SB Siltumtehnika, store
SB Siltumtehnika, storeWe specialize in the retail and wholesale of heating equipment and plumbing products, with an individual approach to each customer. The company's cooperation partners are construction companies, companies and individual customers.
Park Hotel Kekava, hotel
Park Hotel Kekava, hotelA hotel, rooms for conferences and seminars, sauna, bar, table laying for several celebrations.
Sīpoli, guest house
Sīpoli, guest houseA guest-house Sīpoli is situated 1 km from the sea. A beautiful garden, a bath, a guest house, a banquet hall, picnic places.
Beibuks, sporting-club
Beibuks, sporting-clubThe boat rental "Beibuks" offers wooden rafts, adaptable to any number of people, as well as other equipment for the recreational and entertainment trips in Nature Park „Daugavas loki”. Boat rental organizes events and sports games in the nature and also ensures accommodation and meals. We provide for the transportation until the place of start, information materials, and guide upon the request. Each specific route is planned individually depending on the devoted amount of time available. The length of the route depends on the season, speed of current and wind direction.
LD apartamenti
LD apartamentiWelcom
Leibuk, IK
Leibuk, IKAccounting services for all kinds of business forms. Consultations on starting a business, choosing the most appropriate form of business, choosing tax regime. Leibuk provides comprehensive services ranging from business plan development, company formation, accounting and economic analysis to companies.
Arco Color Latvija, SIA
Arco Color Latvija, SIAArco Color Latvija offers powder coating services for steel, aluminum and other metal parts. Our customers are from building, roof covering, ventilation system, window and door manufacturing and different interior design element production branches.
Saullēkti ozolos, guest house
Saullēkti ozolos, guest houseViesu māja Ezernieku pagastā pie lielākās ozolu birzs Baltijā, blakus Ežezers ir salām bagātākais ezers Latvijā. Atpūta gan divām personām, gan lielām tūristu grupām. Banketu zāle līdz 40 cilvēkiem. Izbraucienus ar kuteri pa Ežezeru.
Vienīgā pieejamā dzintaru darbnīca Latvijā - Harijs Jākobsons
Vienīgā pieejamā dzintaru darbnīca Latvijā - Harijs JākobsonsCraft camera certified master H.Jākobsons invites to visit free of charge amber workshop and to aquaint with amber processing as well as to feel the magical influence of amber.
Moto & Metal NESTER CUSTOM art gallery, art gallery
Moto & Metal NESTER CUSTOM art gallery, art galleryNESTER CUSTOM is a creative workshop for the creation of designer furniture and unique sculptures made of metal. Car, motorcycle, power tools and other metal products are used as the basis for our products. Our company began to develop in the repair of wrecked cars and restoration of motorcycles, which we continue to do successfully and Today, in parallel creating authoring custom bikes.
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