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Kalumi SIA, forgings

Kalumi SIA, forgings

Kalna kalēji , Vidriži, Vidrižu pagasts, Limbažu novads, Latvija
(+371) 29462999 - Kalējs Kaspars Auza


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Tulku Fabrika, translation bureau
Tulku Fabrika, translation bureauThe translation agency "ZTB.LV" offers a wide range of translation services – both written and mutual translation of any language combination. The multicultural environment of the modern megapolis constantly makes us face the necessity to translate texts on various subjects.
AQUA SAN, Plumbing Equipment
AQUA  SAN, Plumbing EquipmentAQUA SAN. Swimming pools and SPA swimming pools, projecting, mounting of equipment. SPA swimming pool - for sport complex, school, private house, hotel or medicine rehabilitation centre.
Toss Boulinga Halle
Toss Boulinga HalleBouling, billiards, reataurant and bar. Toss bouling hall invites you to spend a nice weekend. All kind of sport events, celebration and banquet organization.
Ekohaus, building
Ekohaus, buildingEkohaus constructs wooden caracas houses, uses "breathing" insulation and finishing materials, such as fibrolite, ecowadding, isoplaate, isotex finishing plates, knauf armed and decorative plaster.
Aparjods***, hotel
Aparjods***, hotelAparjods that is a restaurant, hotel, conference fall, music club and sauna with hydromassage bath. It is for bussiness-like people, a place for recreation.
Otafs, tāfeles, glaziers
Otafs, tāfeles, glaziersOtafs. Possibility to order school board, which is necessary for the particular classroom (after size and design). Chairs of pianists. Handwork.
P. Čerņavska keramikas māja
P. Čerņavska keramikas mājaExhibition visit. Participation. Ceramic souvenirs.
Apkure EV, SIA
Apkure EV, SIAApkures katlu tirdzniecība, gāzes degļu tirdzniecība, gaisa sildītāju tirdzniecība, JUNKERS apkures katli. Apkures katlu, katlu māju, gāzes vadu, iekārtu sistēmu remonts, apkalpošana, serviss, apkope. Apkures sistēmas, projektēšana, izbūve, apkalpošana.
Juris Tumulkāns
Juris TumulkānsKeramiķis Juris Tumulkāns dzīvo un strādā Rīgā, jau 15 gadus vada VEF Kultūras pils Tautas Lietišķās mākslas studiju „Saule”, rīko un piedalās dažādās izstādēs un citos kultūras pasākumos.
Vārpiņas, ZS
Vārpiņas, ZSThe forest is an important ecosystem that must not be valued only financially. It fulfills both social and irreplaceable ecological functions. We are part of an ecosystem, so we see a world where every owner manages his forest according to the best canons of sustainable development - for our climate, the environment and people. This is exactly what we observe in our work - we set an example ourselves and educate others on how to better integrate trees into the urban environment.
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