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Vienkiemis, leisure complex

Vienkiemis, leisure complex

Vienkiemis, Padvariai, Kretinga, Kretingos rajono, Klaipėdos apskritis, Lietuva, LT-97157
(+370) 44578425
(+370) 44577597
“Vienkiemis” Homestead Kretinga is the “golden triangle” of the Lithuanian amber coast into which excellent roads bring a country guest both from the port and the resort. Counting its several-hundred-years-old history and having a special aura, Kretinga is also well-known for its beautiful surroundings, charming nature, and hospitality. In the valley of Akmena river, flowing through Kretinga and surrounded by ancient barrows, there is situated “Vienkiemis” homestead which is worth to stop by for a good rest, delicious food, unique entertainment, and health. For relaxation of the homestead guests, we offer lodges, dressed in reed hats, antique granary, attaining almost 200 years, and apartments, fitted in romantic style and having a spirit of a luxurious mansion. Visitors to the “Vienkiemis” are also tempted by a tasty food: Samogitian hostess can make up anything to create a real feast, worthy of the most demanding gourmet. So, in “Vienkiemis” tavern, you can try Samogitian “Smakalas,” “Semenine,” “Good Old Granny’s Kastinys,” you’ll evaluate “Goblin Dream,” “Noblemen Lunch,” or “Farm Master's Treat.” If you don’t like Samogitian treats – we’ll offer goodies of European cuisine. Guests of “Vienkiemis” may not just have lunch or dinner: wide spread of the homestead is ideal for banquets, formal dinners, family events; in summer there is an opportunity for arranging a picnic or party by yourselves. Time in “Vienkiemis” runs quickly for both adults and children – the loss of a sense of time occurs due to the quality of services: amateurs of active recreation can ride a bicycle, play in tennis courts, and go for a walk by water bicycles, boats. An excellent novelty is a catamaran-raft which ensures an excellent travelling along Akmena river. It is also interesting to explore a museum of ancient utensils in the homestead; children will not pass wooden swings, slides, and a playground, moreover, they can get into a fairytale country – “the village of elves” – through the “monkey bridge.” Furthermore, there is a plenty of live exhibits in the mini-zoo – birds, roes, goatlings, Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs. A complex of saunas in “Vienkiemis” homestead is designed for recreation and for enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle. A stone of impressive size, rolled into the Russian sauna, does not heat up even at the highest temperature; so, to whip with a good bath besom on it is a real pleasure. Even more fun is to plunge into Jacuzzi. A rural log cabin sauna on the river bank will transfer those, desiring authenticity, into the past; while a modern Lithuanian sauna is attractive by its tastefully equipped environment. Exotics lovers can try Lithuanian and Turkish sauna and swimming in the bath tub under the open sky. In the short run, a café-greenhouse will open door in “Vienkiemis” homestead. It will even more ornament a unique environment of “Vienkiemis” which is worth not only to see – but also by all means to feel.
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