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HBH Juozo alus  , recreation centre

HBH Juozo alus , recreation centre

Žibininkai, Kretingos rajono, Klaipėdos apskritis, Lietuva, LT-97230
(+370) 44544678 - Administratore
(+370) 46040092 - Virtuve
(+370) 65537777 - Administratore
(+370) 44544423
On July 3, 1997, the door of the inn "Pas Juoza" was opened for the first time. There were three tables for 18 people in the bar hall opened at that time. The energy of five family members - Rada, Juozas, Aida, Roma, and Matas - was enough then. As the popularity of the bar was rising, in October the second hall was opened, a little later - the third, the fourth, the fifth... Today from 700 to 1200 people may relish "Juozo beer" and relish the excellent cuisine inside and outside at the same time. The number of workers has grow up to 200 people. One thing that has not changed since the ’’birthday’ of "Juozo Beer" is the price. Today, as well as in 1995, a half litre mug of beer costs only 2,5 Lt. However, the guarantee of successful operating is not only the liberal prices. The whole complex of the inn "Pas Juoza", starting with the picturesque environment and ending with the rationally planned space, is suitable not only for passive, but also the active rest and entertainment. The little customers feel especially fine "Pas Juoza". The playground, cars, bicycles, scooters, and slot machines are there for their enjoyment. Adults, meanwhile, may try their strength on the basketball ground, or take a horse ride. Guests of the inn can leave their pets in special enclosures. For the convenience of customers testers are provided to determine the amount of
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