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Žagarkalns, camping

Žagarkalns, camping

Mūrlejas iela 12, Cēsis, Cēsu novads, Latvija
(+371) 26266266
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Juristische Person : ŽAGARKALNS | kempings un laivas
Registration number : 44103024323
Legal address : "Žagarkalns" Drabešu pag.,Cēsu nov.

For a leisure and safe trip along the Gauja we offer the hard-bottom rafts made of plastic tubes with the hard plywood bottoms which may hold a quite large group of people. The rafts are easy to row with two oars and are equipped with folding roofs, tables, benches and grills. Each water tourist is given a life vest for safety. Canoe Canoe boats are the most popular sailing charters favoured by the water tourists both in our country and throughout Europe. A canoe has the optimal speed therefore a trip may not become boring, it slides easily through the water, is simple to paddle and quite safe. Catamarans Catamarans are easy to row and safe sailing charters. It makes almost the same speed as a canoe boat. It means that you may cover the slowly and monotonous river distances much quicklier. While their stability and comfort are derived from the rafts. Rubber boats In case the canoe boats are not convenient and stable enough for you, but the hard-bottom rafts are too slowly, then a rubber "raft" boat is what you need. Rubber boats are particularly advisable for families with children as there is a lot of space, children are in safety and even rain will not make trouble. Camping and the beach Near the Ski Centre Žagarkalns" in Cēsis, on the Gauja river bank we have equipped the tent and trailer camping site as well as the centre for the water tourists. The camping site’s territory is large enough, so that the tourists may not disturb each other. Rest or overnight stays there are very pleasant as the camping is situated on the river bank and there is the natural and undamaged environment around. Trips for the schoolchildren

The boat trips for the schoolchildren are becoming more and more popular. Even more often children choose an adventurous and exciting trip along the river and an overnight stay in the tents instead of a traditional excursion at the end of a school year. Bicycles, rent of bicycles We offer to rent 35 new "Scwinn" and "Scott" bicycles. Bicycles are given for rent both in Cīruliši, in the territory of our Ski Centre, and in the Camping on the Gauja river bank. On request we deliver bicycles in the centre of Cēsis for a group of travellers.

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Masāžas studija 8
Masāžas studija 8Limfodrenāžas masāža uzlabo jūsu veselību vairojot enerģiju un vitalitāti, uzlabo vielmaiņu, imūnsistēmu, miegu, darba efektivitāti, veicina asins cirkulāciju, padara tvirtāku ādu samazina tūsku, ķermeņa apkārtmērus un celulītu.
Nemuno Turas, guest house
Nemuno Turas, guest houseNemunas Tour. A modern homestead in beautiful village of Ringaudai in Kaunas suburb. Kaunas city centre is just 15 minutes away by car. It is a great place to have a rest or spend a holiday.
Manamauto, SIA
Manamauto, offers new auto spare Dalal any car allows you to quickly and easily buy any new car parts, accessories, oil and all the necessary fluids for your car.
Vīnkalni, place of recreation
Vīnkalni, place of recreationA bathhose at the bank of the river Daugava. A nice place for celebrations or for a relaxation with friends.
Viss pirtij
Viss pirtijIn production of bathhouse accessories there are used valuable, ecelogically clean, natural material - felt cloth.Felt cloth is one of the ancient materials, which nowadays is popular in Europe.
Mežotnes pils, palace
Mežotnes pils, palaceMežotnes pils jeb bijusī Mežotnes muižas kungu māja (Mesothen) atrodas Bauskas novada Mežotnes pagastā,Mežotnē. To klasicisma stilā pēc Pēterburgas galma arhitekta Džakomo Kvarengi meta uzcēla Johans Georgs Ādams Berlics 1798. - 1802. gados. Netālu atrodas bijušās muižas ēkas - kalpu māja, staļļi, pārvaldnieka māja un klētis. No 1797. līdz 1920. gadam Mežotne bija Līvenu dzimtmuiža.
100% atpūta, bath
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Tavs Draugs, zoo salonUzņēmumam SIA''Tavs Draugs'', Rīgā atrodas divas veterinārās aptiekas kuras sevī ietver arī zooveikalu sortimentu.Veikali atrodas Pētersalas iela 17 un Ilūkstes iela 109. Kā pārdevēji un konsultanti kas strādā abās aptiekās ir diplomēti veterinārārsti un veterinārie feldšeri, tāpēc mēs varam nodrošināt pilnvērtīgu konsultāciju un kvalitatīvu apkalpošanu.
Viamost, SIA
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Pif Paf, sports and recreation centre
Pif Paf, sports and recreation centrePaintball park PIF PAF 6 km from Riga
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