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Bēnes Ozoli, flooring materials

Bēnes Ozoli, flooring materials

Valmieras iela 34, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1009
(+371) 67294126 - Veikals
(+371) 29420605 - Ražotne
(+371) 29485766 - Direktors
(+371) 27066448 - Veikals mob. tālr.
(+371) 67294126
Parquet producer “Benes Ozoli” is in Bene, Dobele region. It was established in March, 1995. But we link the company history with the distant past - the year 1974, as we mastered the best traditions and experience from ex-parquet production in Bene, which in those times was under the patronage of the former Jelgava MRS (wood industry). Continuously replenishing this experience perfecting the purpose-oriented technology and following the modern requirements to quality we received wonderful results.
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Cheirons, veterinary clinic - pharmacy
Cheirons, veterinary clinic - pharmacyIn the clinic, we offer versatile veterinary assistance of all kinds for animals (dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.) Diagnosis and treatment of diseases, vaccination, microchipping, surgical operations for animals (including castration, sterilization, tumor operations, bone fracture operative and conservative treatment, injuries, wounds, etc.) Laboratory analyses, X-ray, ultrasonography.
Otrā Elpa, labdarības veikals
Otrā Elpa, labdarības veikalsFind recycled, antique and otherwise interesting items at the charity shop and vote for the charity project of your choice! Donations of goods and their sale in the store are environmentally friendly actions that bring in money for other good causes.
Deko Dārzs
Deko DārzsNodrošinām visu darbu kompleksu, ieskaitot teritorijas attīrīšanu, gružu aizvešanu, vietas planēšanu, dārza apūdeņošanu, auglīgās augsnes ievešanu, zāliena ierīkošanu, stādījumu ierīkošanu.
Vējkalnietis, vīna darītava
Vējkalnietis, vīna darītavaVisitors to the daylily garden can see both beautiful daylilies and try a variety of homemade wines. Well, what could be better than both together? Flowers and wine ...
Inese Kleine, artist
Inese Kleine, artistSienu, griestu, mēbeļu, fasāžu apgleznojumi. Bērnistabas ar multfilmu un pasaku tēliem, apgleznoju viesistabas, guļamtelpas, sabiedriskas telpas ar ziediem, grafiskiem ornamentiem, ainavām.
Kalumi SIA, forgings
Kalumi SIA, forgingsBlacksmith's service, fire place bars and instruments, decorative shoeings, door handles, keys, woodwork instruments, candlesticks, gates, french balconies and everything else.
Vecliepas, holiday house
Vecliepas, holiday houseVecliepas, at the riverside of Venta. Fishing and sports facilities. Premises for celebrations. Cottages with a terrace and grill.
ALAUŠYNĖ , guest house
ALAUŠYNĖ , guest houseCozy rooms in the country farmstead. Catering may be entrusted to our care since our café we run is proud having a sign of European culinary heritage of Aukštaitija region. Excursions are organized.
Zariņi, guest house
Zariņi, guest houseWelcome to the guest house "Zariņi". Russian bathhouse with swimming pool, sauna, lodging, arbor, campfire and tent places. Banquet and celebrations.
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