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Dzērienu serviss

Dzērienu serviss

Kārļa Ulmaņa gatve 1, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1011
(+371) 29569600
Juristische Person : MILLI, SIA
Registration number : 40103277364
Legal address : Dzirnavu iela 73 - 2, Rīga, LV-1011, Latvija

We are a Latvian company providing local drink industry with various type of equipment. At the moment we offer products from companies like Speidel, Voran, Tenco, Kiesel, Marchisio, Biek Filtry, Niko, Kreyer and others. Our internet shop is focused on small winemakers, but we also work with medium size juice producers and larger winemakers.

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Eģīši, ZS
Eģīši, ZSThe farm is engaged in grain cultivation, growing sea buckthorn berries and develops the tourism industry. The vision of the farm is to work sustainably, in harmony with nature and share it with fellow human beings - to be here and now, touch the earth, listen to the sounds of nature, take a breath, feel the wind.
Skrivanek Baltic, SIA, Language School, translation bureau
Skrivanek Baltic, SIA, Language School, translation bureauOur company has operated in the Czech market since 1994. For more than ten years we have been gathering experience, experience that makes us able to provide you with top quality language services.
For Rest, guest house
For Rest, guest houseGuest house with a terrace on the bank of the lake. Russian bathhouse with besoms and aromatic tea. Place for small festivities 6 - 9 people.
Eco Roof niedru jumti un celtniecība
Eco Roof  niedru jumti un celtniecībaECO ROOF has many years experience. We lay roofs in all Europe Union states, not looking at location of the clienti, both with client's or own materials.
Lejasmalas, leisure complex
Lejasmalas, leisure complexHoliday houses and a bathhouse on the bank of Leja lake. A romantic recreation place on a desert island. Rooms for seminars and banquets. Places for tents and picnic.
Dubultmuiža, guest house
Dubultmuiža, guest houseGuest house Dubultmuiža offers: banquet hall (40 people), bathhouse, swimming pool, hot tub, 8 rooms for lodging for night. We are in Riga territory.
Astroselena, education center
Astroselena, education centerThe training at the Astroselen Education Center is suitable for both those who want to obtain a professional higher education in astrology, as well as those who want to understand this interesting science for their personal needs by learning the art of interpreting different horoscopes.
Iešnalė, country house
Iešnalė, country houseA modern farmstead bowery in the territory of Žemaitija National Park close to Iešnalis Lake.
Pils, guesthouse and cafe
Pils, guesthouse and cafeA very tasty meal for reasonable prices, banquets and party tables, a real latvian bathhouse. rooms, kvesti, escape room rooms, kvesti, escape roomDiscover borders of your intellect. "Escape" is an interactive and intuitive real-life game, which demands your focus, ability to find solutions and team-work skills in unusual situations. 60 minutes is available to solve mysteries and finde clues to get free for a team of 2 to 6 participants. Rezervation must be made 24 hours before.
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