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Uldis Kleins, akmeņkalis

Uldis Kleins, akmeņkalis

Sniķeres iela 14, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1067
(+371) 29650494

Akmens apstrādes darbnīca izgatavo pieminekļus ,apmales ,soliņus un citus produktus kapiem par IZDEVĪGĀM cenām.

Plašs sortiments,laba KVALITĀTE un IZDEVĪGAS cenas.Atrodamies Rīgā,bet varam piegādāt izstrādājumus visā Latvijas teritorijā.

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Danfo Masters, SIA
Danfo Masters, SIADanfo Master. Window films, visual advertisement, advertisement on cars, glass toning, decorative glass.
Dzirnavu 90
Dzirnavu 90Bathhouse construction, projecting, building, Chinese and Italian mosaics, individuals orders, all types of steam bathhouses, real Russian bathhouses, furnaces and fire places.
Atmatas ZS, holiday house
Atmatas ZS, holiday houseHolyday house ATMATAS offer nice rest in the silence far from city noise and bustle. Shelter for the night, bathhouse, premises for celebration, place for swimming etc.
Mucenieki, holiday house
Mucenieki, holiday houseA holiday house aitha bathhouse 20 minutes drive from Riga. A rest at the Lielupe, boats, fishing..
Otrā Elpa, labdarības veikals
Otrā Elpa, labdarības veikalsFind recycled, antique and otherwise interesting items at the charity shop and vote for the charity project of your choice! Donations of goods and their sale in the store are environmentally friendly actions that bring in money for other good causes.
Pīlādži, tree nursery
Pīlādži, tree nurseryFruit-growing. The aim is to provide with qualitative, in Vidzeme tried, homegrown fruit tree and berry bush plants.
Terion, veterinary clinic
Terion, veterinary clinicVeterinary therapy, examination of pet diseases, complex vaccinations for dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits; veterinary surgery: cat castration, cat sterilization and other operations; documentation necessary for traveling etc. (reasonable prices!).
Leonīda Krāsnis, furnace mason
Leonīda Krāsnis, furnace masonStoves for bathhouses, houses and garden hearths. Real Russian bath-stoves. Ovens for baking, cooking, stewing. The size and appearance of stoves are changed according to customer wishes, in coordination with the interior.
Trīs pēdas, aplīmēšana, design
Trīs pēdas, aplīmēšana, designCar decals are the main direction of the company. We work with the adhesive films and auxiliary materials of 3M and MACTAC companies. We find a corresponding quality adhesive film for every vehicle.
Paradīzes graudi, flowers in Jurmala
Paradīzes graudi, flowers in JurmalaParadīzes graudi, flowers in Jurmala
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