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Saulgoži, Latvian guest house

Saulgoži, Latvian guest house

Saulgoži, Sējas pagasts, Sējas novads, Latvija
(+371) 29444596 - Juris
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We are located about 30km from Riga. 5.2 km from Murjani. The first left after the road signs "Murjani" (Riga-Valmiera motorway in the direction of Riga).

Here are 2 bath houses -- Big bath and New bath. Big bath located in the hall can accommodate up to 60 persons. In summer, possibly more people. The new bath include up to 20 people. Guests we offer accommodation to 47.

Invite us away! Silence and peace-seekers, tired town dwellers, family holidays svinētājus, bath fans, fun ideas with members and the companies divvientulības seekers.

Weekdays cheaper!

People since ancient times has been to run a bath of different theme: religious, healing, washing, recreation, social.

Bath as a procedure body is subjected to high temperatures to cause sweating. The sweat from the body are eliminated unnecessary substances. Heat is also a relaxing muscles and muscle pain, soothing agent. Believes that the wet and water baths (for example, Japanese baths) restores the ability to work less efficiently. The body's thermoregulatory system reacts differently depending on the humidity.

Dry air facilitates evaporation of moisture from the skin surface, the respiratory tract and lungs and, less intensely heated tissues, do not change lung gas exchange, in general, facilitates the thermoregulatory processes, and more heat is endurable.

The opposite is the effect of moist air. However it is not, to say that a steam bath would be desirable for the human body. It is an excellent hygienic effects, relief of options. Dry Baths recommended for people less quenched, as well as during the recovery period, the elderly, athletes to restore physical strength after the overload, as well as slimming.

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