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Žēlsirdības māja, alternatīvās aprūpes centrs

Žēlsirdības māja, alternatīvās aprūpes centrs

Krasta iela 1, Ventspils, Latvija, LV-3601
(+371) 29883301
The Centre of Alternative care of handicapped youngsters “ Mercy House” was founded in Ventspils in 1995. It was registered as a social organization on December 7, 2001 and its number of registration is 40008063818. There is an intention to use methods of alternative care offering handicapped youngsters a kind of help in conditions that are close to family environment, to develop social and working skills for their successful integration into society. Psychological character and aims of the process groups of the programme of the Centre of Alternative care shows social categories of the orphans of Latvia: grown up people handicapped since their childhood with disorder of psychological development; children’ s home and special boarding school leavers. Creating an optimal routine for them is supposed to be as a concern motivated by Christianity. This organization was given a status of socially useful organization by the resolution No 176 of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia on 04.06.2006. Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia issued a certificate No 13 which gives rights to offer social service on 09.11.2005. Tatjana Braznika is a chairman of the board of the Centre of care.
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Otafs, glaziers
Otafs, glaziersOtafs. Possibility to order school board, which is necessary for the particular classroom (after size and design). Chairs of pianists. Handwork.
Rīgas Būvserviss, building material sale
Rīgas Būvserviss, building material saleRIGA BŪVSERVISS offers to purchase at a profit different building materials - for roofs, facade, foundations, indoor and outdoor finishing, heat insulation, as well as windows, doors, plumbing and movable houses.
AMBE, salons Tūkstoš grīdu, flooring materials
AMBE, salons Tūkstoš grīdu, flooring materialsThree layer parquet, classical and exotic wood pulp, different types of rubber covers - for children play grounds, fitnes, training halls, shooting ranges and other sport floors.
Ratatui, franču restorāns
Ratatui, franču restorānsEsat laipni gaiditi nobaudīt franču ēdienus romantiskā un elegantā atmosfērā. Patīkamā franču mūzikas pavadījumā varēsiet baudīt francijas sieru un vīnu. Gaidām Jūs kopā ar ģimeni un draugiem izbaudīt dzīvi.
NAD.LV Repatriācijas un apbedīšanas birojs Rīgā
NAD.LV Repatriācijas un apbedīšanas birojs RīgāFuneral services in Riga, funeral in Latvia, cremation and cremation. Organization of repatriation services. Morgue and catafalque services.
Akmens apstrādes centrs AKM
Akmens apstrādes centrs AKMKvalificēti meistari veiks kapu pieminekļu izgatavošanu un uzstādīšanu, gravēšanu ar smilšu strūklu, arhitektonisko elementu un būvdetaļu izgatavošanu, izveidos dekoratīvus dārza elementus.
ALAUŠYNĖ , guest house
ALAUŠYNĖ , guest houseCozy rooms in the country farmstead. Catering may be entrusted to our care since our café we run is proud having a sign of European culinary heritage of Aukštaitija region. Excursions are organized.
Terion, veterinary clinic
Terion, veterinary clinicVeterinary therapy, examination of pet diseases, complex vaccinations for dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits; veterinary surgery: cat castration, cat sterilization and other operations; documentation necessary for traveling etc. (reasonable prices!).
Cigoriņš IU, darbnīca
Cigoriņš IU, darbnīcaAkmens apstrāde un pieminekļu izgatavošana un uzstādīšana visā Latvijā.
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