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Smeceres krogs, guesthouse

Smeceres krogs, guesthouse

Smeceres krogs, Mārcienas pagasts, Madonas novads, Latvija, LV-4852
(+371) 64807500
(+371) 64807501
(+371) 64807502
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About us the most nicest place on this side "Smeceres Krogs" ltd is located in Madona district. Nowadays in this historical place is placed our leisure centre with tasteful guest house, Latvian style tavern, several banquet halls which are adapted for formal meetings and conferences, sauna and pool as well as our newest part of our enterprise musical club. Our basis are custumer and creating and offering good quality leisure services. It is indicative of many our regular clients both individuals and recognizable enterprises from Latvia and Europe. Freaquently our clients call this place "the most nicest place on this side"
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