Latvju sēta Saulgoži. Pirts, viesu nams.
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66 North Ice-Balt

Spilves iela 22, Rīga, Latvija, LV-V-10
(+371) 67804291
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Veido sevi, studio
Veido sevi, studioTikšanās vieta kustību un mūzikas mīļotājiem. Vieta, kur piepildīt senu vai jaunu sapni. Studija Tev, Taviem draugiem un ģimenei.
Ortija SIA
Ortija SIAFlorist's, florist service. Activity room and hall decoration.We deliver bunches of flowers all around thr world.
Veczemju sarkanās klintis, place of recreation
Veczemju sarkanās klintis, place of recreation200 m garas un 3-4 m augstas smilšakmens kraujas pie Veczemjiem. Autostāvvieta. Telšu, piknika vietas, atpūta pie jūras.
Bieriņi, country house
Bieriņi, country houseA well appointed old-style house with a fireplace, kitchen un garden. Hunting trophies, playing fields, fishing in in stocked poinds. Ideal conditions for lovers of tranquility.
Mārcienas muiža, SPA hotel
Mārcienas muiža, SPA hotelMārcienas country seat. SPA complex, bathhouse, lodgings for night, conference and banquet halls, recreation in nature.
Lilaste, leisure complex
Lilaste, leisure complexClean and fresh forest air, picturesque lake, recreation facilities both on the shore and on water, comfortable rooms – we have everything for wonderful recreation.
Vanaturs, guest house
Vanaturs, guest houseGuest house Vanataurs is located in nothern kurzeme, next to Riga - Kolka highway in 5 km distance from Roja and at Kaltene picturesque stony coast.
Miolans, metal working
Miolans, metal workingMiolans. Production of different modification SAFES, metal DOORS - production, mounting and other production ofr houses and business.
Pūdnīku skūla, keramika
Pūdnīku skūla, keramikaSmoked ceramics. Ancient pottery tehnology, where high mastery grounds is clever reserve, simple fairness and practical classes.
Viss pirtij
Viss pirtijIn production of bathhouse accessories there are used valuable, ecelogically clean, natural material - felt cloth.Felt cloth is one of the ancient materials, which nowadays is popular in Europe.
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