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Medus veikals

Medus veikals

Alfrēda Kalniņa iela 1a, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1050
(+371) 67220001
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(+371) 67911275 - Pasūtījumi
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Honeyshop privdes probably the greatest assortiment of beekeeping products in Latvia. There are more than 30 different sorts of honey independently of the season. During the beekeeping season, there are more sorts of honey.  You are welcome to test honey before You buy it to choose the very best honey for You. Becouse every kind of honey is unique. Even a one single bee collony can harvest different sorts of honey from different flowers. In our store customers can choose a suitable jars or plastic containers for honey. For Your own use, You can choose simple jar but if You need it as a present we offer specially designed jars and packages.

Lime-tree honey, heather blossom honey, buckwheat honey and all other honey sorts You can buy in our store is harvested in Latvia.

Bee pollen, bee bread, propoliss, royal jelly will recover backlog of energy and power, imporve immune system. Also these products are great source of vitamins.

100 % bee wax candles has unrepeatable odour and clour. While candle is burning in the room is spreading a soft aroma from the candle. Bee wax candles burns longer than usual synthetic candles and they do not spread toxic substances in the air.

We offer an inventory for beekeepers - wires, gravers, frames, hives, costumes, combs and others. Combs are made of 100 % bee wax. They can be used in hives and also to make candles at home in easy way. Also we offer candlewicks. The candle making season of course is around the time of Christmas. In many homes Christmas trees are decorated with bee wax candles.

It is also a tradition to give as a present self made candles.

In Honeyshop it is possible to buy great and healthy, natural  presents thet will bring joy to everybody.

Let's make our everyday life more healthier, more sweeter! Let's be healthy by using the most natural sweetstuff!

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Cīrulīši, health and recreation centre
Cīrulīši, health and recreation centreRooms for celebrations, rooms for conferences, seminars, a hotel, bathhouses, jacuzzi, active rest and children campsites.
Vegetarian foods, food products
Vegetarian foods, food productsVegetarian FOODS - labvēlīgie saldumi. Kūkas bez konservantiem, nesatur olas, nesatur produktus iegūtus vardarbības ceļā pret dzīvniekiem.
Kameja, curtain salon
Kameja, curtain salonCurtain saloon Kameja. Curtains, modelling, sewing. Curtain nippers. Fabrics, sewing materials. Home textile. Sale. Modelling of clothes and sewing. Blinds.
Annas, gathering house
Annas, gathering houseAnnas. Nice interior made of natural materials, which gives you possibility to spend nice time in cozy atmosdphere with log house and terrace and to have nice bathing in nice bathhouse heated with firewood.
Jerevan, hotel
Jerevan, hotelThe three-star 24-bed hotel Jerevan is for your services. Modern hotel situated near the town is surrounded by miraculous beauty of forests. It is a great place to have a rest and spend one’s time pleasantly.
Rīgas Lastādijas internātpamatskola
Rīgas Lastādijas internātpamatskolaBasic education school.
Baltā māja, guesthouse and cafe
Baltā māja, guesthouse and cafe"Baltajā mājā" katrs viesis ir mīļš un gaidīts! Apceļojot Zemgali, šeit patvērumu var meklēt gan izsalkušie un izslāpušie, gan naktsmiera kārotāji.
Miķeļbāka, camping
Miķeļbāka, campingGuest house Miķeļbāka offers camping houses. Shower and WC. It is possible to order meal. Bicycle rent, gathering berries and mushrooms. Not far from the sea.
VAL.MET.A., Valmieras filiāle
VAL.MET.A., Valmieras filiāleSIA „VAL.MET.A” ir dibināta 1994.gadā. Galvenā nodarbošanās ar melno un krāsaino metāllūžņu un atgriezumu savākšanu, pārstrādi un nosūtīšanu pārstrādes rūpnīcām.
ARM Grupa, roofing surfaces
ARM Grupa, roofing surfacesSIA ARM BK piedāvā mūsdienīgus un izturīgus materiālus jumta seguma uzklāšanai un remontam, jumta segumu, bitumena dakstiņus, OSB plates, ūdensnoteku sistēmas un citus noderīgus aksesuārus.
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