Latvju sēta Saulgoži. Pirts, viesu nams. Telpas svinībām līdz 100 cilvēkiem.
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Valteri, guest house
Valteri, guest houseGuest house Valteri is a wonderful place to stay at either with your family or in the company of friends and colleagues. The hotel is located on the bank of the Daugava River.
Balt Warrant SIA, packing
Balt Warrant SIA, packingBALT WARRANT produces paper bags. Design output, delivery, storage and delivery of large amounts in parts.
Zuši, recreation centre
Zuši, recreation centreRecreation complex Zuši. Places for picnic and tents, fire place, sport and recreation ground. Boat rent, fishing, swimming places. Active recreation, rides on horses.
Dace Grīnberga, keramiķe
Dace Grīnberga, keramiķe Ceramist Dace Grīnberga works with stone compounds of various colours, clay and porcelain. Modern items for the interior. Ordinary, openwork shapes with different kind of textures.
Pakavciems, bath
Pakavciems, bathPakavciema bathhouse. Bathhouse with two different swimming pools and with pond. Beach volleyball, streetball and minifootball.
Poligons DK, paintball
Poligons DK, paintballPoligons DK Paintball, extreme environment in the war base with additional hurdles! Russian bathhouse.
BišuJānis, SIA
Uzņēmums darbojas biškopības nozarē. Ražo medu atbilstoši sezonas iespejām, nodarbojas ar bišu māšu selekciju. Veido bišu saimju atdaleņus arī uz pasūtījumu. Sniedz pakalpojumus biskopībā.
Aiva plus, construction and repairs
Aiva plus, construction and repairsAiva plus. Building and repair works, facade insulation. Indoor and outdoor finishing work. Building material sale.
Aļņi, guest house
Aļņi, guest houseGuest house Aļņi is a modern house with ancient reed roof and stone wall. Guest hall rooms are great for their interior, wooden furniture and nice art works.
Cita santehnika, store
Cita santehnika, storeCita Ko is one of the leading wholesalers of consumables, devices, furniture and equipment for plumbing, water supply, heat supply and bathroom design and decoration in Latvia.
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