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DABLD Professional, matu kopšanas līdzekļiDABLD Professional, matu kopšanas līdzekļiProfesionāla kosmētika, ekskluzīvi produkti matu problēmu risināšanai, dekoratīvā kosmētika, aprīkojums un instrumenti darbam salonā.Leontīns Cīrulis, ceramistLeontīns Cīrulis, ceramistCreative workshop of clay and ceramics! Ceramist Leontins Cirulis offers you to try making the masterpiece from a simple piece of clay. You’ll be surprised how easy and full of fun it is. Just imagine the wanted result and your hands will bePilskalni, ZS, holiday housePilskalni, ZS, holiday houseThe rest house PILSKALNI is in the Gauja National Park near Vaidava castle mound. A beach, fishing, crayfishes catching in lake Vaidava. Near pond rural bathhouse. A hall for banquets up to 30 persons. In the house 3 bedrooms with 8 beds.Ozoliņi, country houseOzoliņi, country houseCountry house Ozoliņi. For your recreation there are offered three cozy rooms with a kitchen. You are welcome in a nice place at the sea, where is a guest house with a bathhouse, hall with a fire place and rest rooms.Zemeņu krastiņi, country houseZemeņu krastiņi, country houseZemeņu Krastiņi. Country house ar Ilzas-Geraņimovas lake. Lodging for night, bathhouse, swimming places, inventory rent.Aparjods***, hotelAparjods***, hotelAparjods that is a restaurant, hotel, conference fall, music club and sauna with hydromassage bath. It is for bussiness-like people, a place for recreation.Baltijas durvisBaltijas durvisDoors and windows, accessories.Vērbeļnieki, guest houseVērbeļnieki, guest houseWe offer to settle down in three guest houses and in a separate family house. In the disposal of guests there are cozy rooms but romantic and nice moments you will enjoy at one of seven fire places in the guest rooms or in the summer terraces.Silmalas, leisure complexSilmalas, leisure complexSilmalas, well equipped cottages at Rušons lake. Bathhouse with a terrace, beach, places for tents, cafe, boat and catamaran rent.Pīlādži, tree nurseryPīlādži, tree nurseryFruit-growing. The aim is to provide with qualitative, in Vidzeme tried, homegrown fruit tree and berry bush plants.Visi banneri